Trustworthy company

We work toward maintaining the trust of society by enhancing governance and always behaving ethically.

In Collaboration with Our Business Partners

Reduced inequalities Peace, justice and strong institutions

Sustainable Purchasing

TTDC is promoting sustainable purchasing in collaboration with our business partners to help realize a sustainable society through our business activities.

TTDC Sustainable Purchasing Policy

  • 1. Legal Compliance, Confidentiality, and Open-Door Policy

    TTDC ensures compliance with local regulations, and promotes open, fair, and equitable purchasing activities, whatever the nationality, size, and business results of our counterpart companies.
    We strictly control confidential information obtained through our business relationship.

  • 2. Consideration to Human Rights, Labor, and Safety and Health

    We respect fundamental human rights, and promote purchasing activities with consideration given to safety and health and the labor environment.

  • 3. Quality and safety assurance

    We correctly understand social needs, and promote purchasing activities to ensure high quality, cost, and safety acceptable to our customers.

  • 4. Consideration to the global environment

    We promote purchasing of eco-friendly parts, raw materials, and other materials to build a sustainable society.

  • 5. Mutual development based on mutual trust

    We seek to expand our corporate activities to the world, and to realize mutual development with our suppliers through business partnerships based on the concept of a mutually beneficial relationship.

TTDC Supplier Sustainability Guidelines

These guidelines are intended to help realize a sustainable society through TTDC's business activities, and includes basic items that we hope to work on with you through our business partnership. We would like you to understand each item and comply with the guidelines in your corporate activities. We also hope that these guidelines will be disseminated to your own suppliers and that they become familiarized with them.

CSR Policy

We will contribute to the sustainable development of local and global communities through business activities carried out in good faith in all countries and regions around the world.
In addition to strict compliance to the language and spirit of the law, we will always act with a strong ethical sense to maintain our standing as a good corporate citizen trusted by society.

Statement of Responsibility to Our Stakeholders

Our customers

Aim to create new values that exceed our customers’ expectations and are one step ahead of the times.

  • ● We will provide specialist technologies, solutions, and know-how through unceasing growth and a constant challenging spirit.
  • ● We will honor the language and spirit of the law of every country and region, properly handle intellectual property, and make every effort to thoroughly protect the personal information of our customers and everyone connected to our business.

Our business partners

Aim to build mutual trust with our business partners and ensure a mutually beneficial long-term relationship through fair and free business practices.

  • ● We will respect our business partners and build a relationship of trust based on ethical behavior.
  • ● We will strictly comply with the language and spirit of all relevant laws and regulations, including the Antimonopoly Act and the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc.

Our employees

Aim to create workplaces that allow our employees to work enthusiastically, enjoyably, and healthily, and ensure the happiness of our employees.

  • ● We will respect people and make every effort to maintain and improve safe and healthy workplace environments.
  • ● We will provide non-discriminatory and fair working conditions and opportunities for the benefit of a wide range of people, and value the growth and challenging spirit of all our employees.
  • ● We will build and maintain a relationship between labor and management that enables mutual growth through dialog and discussions in good faith based on mutual trust and responsibility.

Our communities

Aim to help maintain and develop peaceful and safe local communities, and to achieve growth in harmony with the environment for the realization and sustainable development of a healthy and prosperous society.

  • ● We will help to build peaceful and safe local communities through traffic safety activities and assistance to areas affected by natural disasters.
  • ● We are motivated to support the local environment and will promote environmental preservation activities such as energy-saving, the proper disposal of waste, and so on.

Basic Information Security Policy

  • 1. Objective

    Toyota Technical Development Corporation (TTDC) recognizes all information pertaining to our business activities as an important asset, and have created this Information Security Policy to systematically and continuously ensure its security.

  • 2. Basic Approach

    (1) Legal compliance

    We will strictly comply with all laws and regulations, government policies, contractual obligations, and other social norms pertaining to information security.

    (2) Maintenance of stable business foundation

    We will make every effort to maintain a stable business foundation, including efforts to ensure the competitiveness and continuity of our business, by appropriately managing and protecting our information assets.

    (3) Provision of safe products and services

    We will provide our customers and communities with safe products and services by implementing information security measures in our business activities, such as the development, design, and manufacture of products and services.

    (4) Contribution to the creation of safe cyberspaces

    We will help to create safe and beneficial virtual spaces (cyberspaces) that can be used with complete peace of mind through our information systems, information communication networks, and the like, as well as through information communicated via the Internet.

    (5) Information security management

    We will build and maintain a governance structure, and carry out risk management including measures to respond to incidents for the purpose of continuously promoting and improving information security.