Our Initiatives for Achieving the SDGs

We appreciate the ethos and values of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) for helping to realize a sustainable society. Through this appreciation, we will continue to cultivate a workplace culture and mindset, and promote the creation of new values capable of contributing to our planet, civilization, and communities.

The SDGs Start with Us

Understanding the spirit and values of the SDGs and aiming for a brighter future

The five Toyoda Principles are at the core of the whole Toyota group. The first of these principles (contributing to the overall good) expresses the importance of production to benefit society. Faithful to the spirit of this ideal, the focus of our business activities is to help build a more prosperous society, an approach that we have built into our Basic Philosophy.
To help realize a sustainable society, every country, company, and individual must take full responsibility to, first, realize the issues facing the world, before then thinking how to address them and changing themselves to achieve this goal. Everyone at TTDC takes personal responsibility for implementing this approach through our business.

TTDC Philosophy

TTDC Philosophy

Realize Think Change

Registration as Toyota SDGs Partner in November 2021

We are pushing ahead with initiatives that contribute to the local community to help achieve the SDGs raised by Toyota City Hall and realize a sustainable city.

* Toyota SDGs Partners:
In partnership with Toyota City Hall, we are helping to promote sustainable projects and initiatives toward the resolution of issues affecting local communities, while raising public awareness about the SDGs.

We registered as a Toyota SDGs Partner

TTDC’s Progress toward its SDGs

United efforts launched in 2020

Each one of our employees began by taking full responsibility for understanding the issues around us as the first step toward a sustainable future.
Together, we learned about the basics and significance of the SDGs, deepening our understanding of the SDGs while orienting ourselves toward issues affecting the environment and communities around the world.

United efforts launched in 2020

Second-year initiatives in 2021

In the second year since the launch of our SDGs initiatives, our target was to encourage a feeling of personal responsibility in all our employees.
We applied the realize/think/change approach to encourage our employees to take responsibility for reducing plastic waste. Initiatives like this can make a small but important contribution to making a brighter future. We raised awareness of issues facing our communities and provided opportunities for our employees to change their behavior.

Second-year initiatives in 2021

New Business Creation

We will never stop taking up the challenge of creating new value.

Predicting changes in the business environment, we are actively engaged in the creation of new businesses to help resolve issues facing our communities. We are taking on the challenge of creating new value through an emphasis on diverse connections. Through this approach, we want to be a company that has a significant positive impact on society.

Facing Up to Issues Affecting Our Communities

We are opening our eyes and gazing at a whole range of realities.

The issues faced by our communities are growing increasingly complex. To take on the challenge of resolving these issues, we need to form partnerships with all our stakeholders.

To give birth to new values, it is often necessary to link hands with our partners and face these challenges together.

Facing Up to Issues Affecting Our Communities

About the New Business Creation Center

We established the New Business Creation Center as an organization to take on the challenge of resolving the issues facing our communities and to create new value.

We approach these issues from the standpoints of diversity and inclusion, and we are aiming to achieve solutions by realizing sustainability through a continuous cycle of innovations.

Initiatives for New Business Creation

  • Open submissions of business ideas from employees across the company

    We asked our employees to submit ideas for new businesses from the standpoint of entering the market based on the concept of “in~” or “un~” (such as insufficient, uneconomic, inconvenient, unstable, uncomfortable, or unsatisfactory).
    We then passed these ideas through our acceleration program with the aim of turning them into businesses.

    Open submissions of business ideas from employees across the company
  • Collaboration with companies in different industries

    We are working to attract partner companies from different business fields that share our ideals, with the aim of achieving innovations by sharing the issues facing our communities.

    Collaboration with companies in different industries