Responsibility for the global environment

We exercise corporate social responsibility through activities to protect and preserve the global environment for future generations.

Examples of key existing TTDC initiatives

Affordable and clean energy Climate action

Head office switches to electricity derived from renewable energy (2022)

This will help reduce net CO2 emissions at the TTDC Headquarters Building to zero.

Head office switches to carbon-neutral city gas* (2022)

This will help reduce net CO2 emissions from the use of city gas at the TTDC Headquarters Building to zero.

* City gas manufactured using carbon-neutral liquefied natural gas (LNG). The CO2 generated between natural gas extraction and combustion has been offset via carbon credits (carbon offset). Carbon credits are a measure of the CO2 reduction effects generated by environmental preservation projects around the world as accredited by a highly reliable agency.

Head office adopts LEDs for all lighting systems (2021)

This will help reduce the power consumption of the TTDC Headquarters Building.

Life below water

Introduction of sustainable seafood menu at the cafeteria in the Headquarters Building (2020)

We offer a menu based on foodstuffs that have been carefully managed based on fishing resources, the environment, and local communities, raising awareness of the importance of making environmentally friendly personal consumption choices.

Sustainable seafood menu
Responsible consumption and production Climate action

Promotion of paper-less working environment

We are introducing digital signing procedures and digitizing working processes that have conventionally depended on paper materials and documents to reduce shredder waste.
In 2021, we reduced shredder waste by 69% from the previous year.