Corporate Philosophy

Always moving toward creating new value.

TTDC Philosophy

TTDC Philosophy

The TTDC Philosophy was established as the central pillar of our company’s vision to guide and create a shared sense of purpose for every TTDC team member.
To help our team members continue their personal growth and to help build a more prosperous society, TTDC is dedicated to pursuing ever-higher levels of expertise and leading the way to a more harmonious future.

Basic Philosophy

We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life as a team of professionals leading the creation of new value.

  • TTDC is a team of professionals dedicated to taking on challenges.
    Our goal is to help build an ever-more prosperous society by using our know-how to drive development and create more value for our customers.

We will act as a good corporate citizen trusted throughout the community.

  • As a member of the local community, TTDC will respond to the trust and expectations of society through continuous activities to become an ever-better corporate citizen.

We will continually grow as a company and pursue the happiness of our team members.

  • At TTDC, people are our most valuable asset.
    We respect the diversity of our team members and place the highest value on their happiness.

  • We will continue to move forward as a company by bringing out the best in our team members.

Guiding Principles

1. We are professionals committed to genchi-genbutsu.

We work with a sense of professionalism based on world-class expertise, technologies, and skills.
We commit ourselves steadfastly to genchi-genbutsu.

2. We are always looking for ways to improve ourselves and build the capabilities of our team.

We are dedicated to improving ourselves without limitation across a wide range of fields.
We strive to enhance the skills of the team by raising our own awareness and understanding the sensibilities of others.

3. We are quick and compact in everything we do.

We make rapid conclusions, come to swift decisions, and take decisive actions.

4. We are dedicated to the creation of new value.

With high aspirations, we are committed to constantly creating new value without fear of failure.

5. We act with integrity and sincerity.

We respect others and take responsibility for our actions.

6. We are a trusted partner that puts the customer’s perspective first.

We act with empathy on behalf of our customers’ interests.

Sustainability Policy

We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life as a team of professionals leading the creation of new value. We take full responsibility in facing up to issues affecting the environment and our community, with the aim of making an effective contribution to efforts to leave a more abundant and happier planet for future generations.

  • 1. Exploring the future through ingenuity and technology

    We foster the technical development of our customers through our integrated solutions, and contribute to enhancing the quality of life.

  • 2. Responsibility for the global environment

    We exercise corporate social responsibility through activities to protect and leave the global environment for future generations.

  • 3. Active participation by diverse employees

    We value diversity and create a work environment in which every employee can demonstrate his or her ability and work enthusiastically and productively.

  • 4. In harmony with local communities

    As a member of local communities, we aim to realize a healthy and prosperous society and its sustainable development.

  • 5. Trustworthy company

    We work toward maintaining the trust of society by enhancing governance and always behaving ethically.

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TTDC's Sustainability Policy and Our Initiatives for Achieving the SDGs.

Vision 2030

TTDC is dedicated to becoming a globally competitive driver of comprehensive information- and engineering-based solutions.

The principle strength of TTDC is our capability to comprehensively integrate a wide range of information, objects, and actions as a team of professionals.
Our vision is to maximize and further develop this capability, and evolve into a company capable of resolving the challenges faced by our customers from a global standpoint.

Mid-to Long-Term Business Plan

Long-term business policy

We are transforming TTDC to realize the Vision 2030 business plan while fostering our customers’ development planets and contributing to sustainable growth in harmony with our community and the global environment.

Foster research and development planets.

  • Market-oriented:

    We will work creatively with our customers to build value and maintain the luster of their research and development planets.

  • New development frontiers:

    We will create connections with the development planets of new business fields and global partners.

Live in harmony with the community.

  • SDGs:

    We will act as a model company and strive to achieve the SDGs.

Become a globally recognized company.

  • Competitive superiority:

    We will realize and maintain a competitive advantage so that the name of TTDC becomes synonymous with comprehensive solutions.

  • Proposal and communication capabilities:

    We will be a source of world-leading solutions.

  • Attractive company:

    We will utilize the diversity of our team members and work with ongoing joy and passion.

The CHART 2025 mid-term business plan

As the world undergoes profound changes, we are working to transform TTDC into a company that will lead our customers’ development.