Message from the President

Yoshiyuki Kagawa, President

We will help you build the optimum development environment.

Yoshiyuki Kagawa, President

Amid global calls for carbon neutrality and the fundamental changes affecting society as a whole, such as the advent of smart cities, the growing application of technologies aiming to accelerate digital transformation (DX), as well as connected, autonomous, shared, and electric (CASE) technologies, the needs of customers for even more efficient and speedy product development are also undergoing profound, far-reaching, and rapid changes.

Toyota Technical Development Corporation (TTDC) is built on the expertise we have accumulated and nurtured through vehicle development in partnership with Toyota Motor Corporation. Our Intellectual Property (IP) and Measurement & Simulation (Keisoku) business fields will help you build the optimum development environment by identifying and combining the latest information and state-of-the-art technologies, so that you can develop ever-better products and create new value for your customers.
We will supply the oxygen and water to help create your development planet, and protect you from meteorites that fall out of the blue.
Our role can be likened to the protective atmosphere wrapped around a planet like a blanket.
As well as vehicle development, our technologies and expertise are just as applicable to the wider field of mobility, robotics, urban development, and other areas. To help build a more prosperous and sustainable society, TTDC is dedicated to pursuing ever-higher levels of expertise and leading the way to a future that nurtures and protects the well-being of all.

To construct the optimum environments for product development though comprehensive solutions driven by cutting edge information and technology.- We will create the protective atmosphere to foster your research and development planets -