CSR Policy

CSR Policy

We will contribute to the sustainable development of local and global communities through business activities carried out in good faith in all countries and regions around the world.
In addition to strict compliance to the language and spirit of the law, we will always act with a strong ethical sense to maintain our standing as a good corporate citizen trusted by society.

Basic Information Security Policy

  • 1. Objective

    Toyota Technical Development Corporation (TTDC) recognizes all information pertaining to our business activities as an important asset, and have created this Information Security Policy to systematically and continuously ensure its security.

  • 2. Basic Approach

    (1) Legal compliance

    We will strictly comply with all laws and regulations, government policies, contractual obligations, and other social norms pertaining to information security.

    (2) Maintenance of stable business foundation

    We will make every effort to maintain a stable business foundation, including efforts to ensure the competitiveness and continuity of our business, by appropriately managing and protecting our information assets.

    (3) Provision of safe products and services

    We will provide our customers and communities with safe products and services by implementing information security measures in our business activities, such as the development, design, and manufacture of products and services.

    (4) Contribution to the creation of safe cyberspaces

    We will help to create safe and beneficial virtual spaces (cyberspaces) that can be used with complete peace of mind through our information systems, information communication networks, and the like, as well as through information communicated via the Internet.

    (5) Information security management

    We will build and maintain a governance structure, and carry out risk management including measures to respond to incidents for the purpose of continuously promoting and improving information security.