Initiatives for the Core Subjects of ISO 26000

ISO 26000 contains seven core subjects that must be considered by companies for the sake of social responsibility. We are carrying out the following initiatives for these core subjects.

Initiatives Complying with Core Subjects of ISO 26000

(1) Organizational governance
  • Internal auditing
  • Risk management
  • Establishment of consultation helplines
(2) Human rights
  • Prohibition of discrimination in recruitment guidelines
  • Establishment of consultation helplines for harassment
(3) Labor practices
  • Employee awareness surveys
  • Training and education of staff

    Internal training courses for each level of staff

    Training courses for people newly appointed to different positions

    Support for self-improvement

  • Support for women's careers
  • Child and family care measures
  • Health and safety committee
  • Support for mental health

    Stress checks

  • Barrier-free buildings
(4) The environment
  • Promotion of energy saving

    Encouragement to go home early on selected days

    Encouragement to turn off lights during the lunch break

  • Greater introduction of hybrid company vehicles
  • Proper disposal of waste
  • Higher recycling rates of waste paper
(5) Fair operating practices
  • Guidelines to prevent activities regarded as bribery
  • Supplier CSR guidelines
(6) Consumer issues
  • Quality improvement activities
(7) Community involvement and development
  • Traffic safety activities
  • Activities supporting education about intellectual property in the local community
  • Local volunteer activities
  • Donation of items for re-use