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Message from the president

Building the foundations of competitive and developmental strength

As connected, autonomous, shared, and electric (CASE) technologies transform the automotive industry, the realization of even more competitive and leaner vehicle development is growing increasingly significant.
The core businesses of Toyota Technical Development Corporation (TTDC) are the very developmental foundations of Japanese manufacturing (monozukuri): intellectual property (IP) and the provision of measurement solutions and controls for vehicle development (keisoku). Our continuing role is to identify the latest information and keep up with cutting-edge technology in these areas to offer the optimal solutions only TTDC’s extensive familiarity with Toyota and the Toyota group can produce, thereby fulfilling our responsibility to build the foundations of competitive and developmental strength across the whole Toyota family.
We are pursuing ever higher levels of expertise in the areas of IP and keisoku, and devoting ourselves to paving the way to a brighter future where the making of ever-better cars leads to a more prosperous society.

 President 香川 佳之
Yoshiyuki Kagawa