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Discovering means to improve vehicle performance

Human-like driving operations are reproduced with mechanical precision to reduce variation and make a quantitative evaluation of vehicle performance.

Development of driving operation systems

Operating the vehicle with a high degree of precision is fundamental to vehicle evaluation and so skilled drivers are required to perform these operations.
The driving operation systems are products that were developed to precisely and repeatedly reproduce vehicle behaviors while also minimizing the need for human (skilled driver) intuition and abilities.


Development of driver models

Development of driver models for each application

  • For fuel efficiency evaluation
  • For movement performance evaluation

Development of personalized driver models

  • Driver models that can reproduce the driving operations of both a skilled driver and a beginner.

Development of driving operation systems

Development of various driving operation systems (robots, control systems)

  • Steering robot
  • Pedal operation robot, etc.
  • Software for measurement and control
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