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Measurement of vehicles and their occupants

Cutting-edge measurement technologies that underpin quality and performance in manufacturing vehicles

Applying the watchwords of “digitizing sensitivity” (to objectively show invisible factors such as riding comfort) and “systematizing measurement” (to achieve more advanced automation and reduce labor), we develop measurement systems with unconventional ideas to help create better vehicles.

ECU measurement tools

Various measurement tools are developed to support the development of ECUs.

  • General-purpose measurement systems
  • CAN Data Logger

LA/FA systems

Development of systems that allow for automatic operation of test equipment, measurement, and analysis.

Customized measurement systems

Performance evaluation systems are developed to meet customers’ requirements.

  • “Livo” biosignal recording system
  • Wireless measurement systems
Support site for
ECU-related products
Downloads and additional services are available from our support site for Panel products and other ECU-related products.